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Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions about the RAC registration system.
Q: Will my components or cores be considered open source if I submit them to OpenFPGA?
A: No. OpenFPGA does not require nor request any component registered at the site to be licensed for open source.
Q: How secure is the site if I upload one of my proprietary components?
A: OpenFPGA will make best reasonable efforts to protect the access to any component uploaded with a request to retain a copy for later reference. However, as with any remote service site, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of any component uploaded.
Q: What is the RAC registration number?
A: The RAC registration number is an organization independent registration number that can be used to reference any reconfigurable component, whether it would be a core in VHDL or Verilog, a bitstream, a library of cores, or other emerging component that would benefit from a unique identifier.
Q: How are the RAC numbers created?
A: The RAC systems will process the uploaded component and assign a unique identifier based on characteristics of that component.
Q: What about duplicated components?
A: The system is designed to prevent duplication of any component to avoid the problem of having a component with more than one RAC alias.
Q: What if I need to change a component? Can I simply update my file?
A: No. The RAC system is designed to assure a unqiue identifier is assigned to each component processed by the system. A modified component will receive a new identifier.
Q: What is the most secure way I can include information about my components for the registration system?
A: The software has been developed to be run independent of the online service. The software can be downloaded and used to create metadata locally within an organizations security perimiter. The metadata can then be exported without compromising the security of the components.
Q: Who can see the information about my components?
A: The site is publicly searchable. Anyone can search and find information about registered components.
Q: What if I would like to use the online system but remain unidentified?
A: Future releases of the system may provide the option to hide specific pieces of metadata related to a component.
Q: Can I change information about a component?
A; Yes. In future releases of the system, additional information will be able to be added and edited about registered components.
Q: Can I remove a core from use in the system?
A: Yes. At the request of the submitter, a component can be withdrawn from public access. However, the registration number will remain in effect for that component.
Q: Will component numbers be reused?
A: No. In no way will a given component number be used to identify more than one component.